5874 Delmar

November 15 9a-7p


Power4STL is a non-profit collaborative of health professionals and students working to reduce the impact of trauma, injury and violence in many ways.

We do this through 

- Trauma First Aid Training

- Trauma First Aid Kits

-T Gear - an Anti-Violence line of clothing and merchandise

-- Violence Recovery Support

- Youth Mentoring

When someone or someone they love is hurt, Time is Life.

We believe that with the right training, you can Save a Life, maybe your own.

Join us with your Time, Talent, Purchase or Donation!

 - Volunteers can help us keep "The T" open, make kits, and most of all teach classes.

- Skills including marketing, community engagement, safety and health awareness and training are all invited!


- All donations go toward...

- Employing and mentoring youth

- Providing free Trauma First Aid Kits

- Expanding our Violence Recovery Outreach

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