This kit comes in a water resistant red molle pouch. Inside there is an AED style Trauma First Aid contained in a 4mil re-sealable plastic bag- 4T Tourniquet- NUSTAT Clotting Gauze x 2- Trauma Pad- T Tape- Rolled gauze - Sharpie- Trauma Shears - Gloves and Hand Sanitizer - Instruction Sheet In addition there are first aid supplies including - Mylar Blanket to prevent hypothermia - CPR Mask- Cold Pack- Compressed Gauze- Additional rolled gauze - First Aid Kit with band aids, antibiotic ointment, 2x2 gauze - Tactical Flashlight- Second set of Gloves and Hand Sanitizer 

Deluxe Trauma First Aid Kit

  • If you have not taken one of our courses, please be sure to watch our training video with instructions on how to use this Trauma First Aid Kit!